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Today, besides aesthetic excellence, the diversity of the design options, perfect functionality and durability, the time span of the building works and their environmental impact are considered crucial aspects of building design.

Do you also look for perfect solutions standing the test of time
when thinking of your dream home?

By dry construction we mean the development of internal, non-structural, space-delimiting covering structures comprising a support structure (frame), a sheet-like coating and, optionally, thermal/acoustic insulation. These pieces are assembled in a way requiring no wetting agent (dry), with only a minimum amount of water being needed, occasionally, for surface works.

Dry construction techniques ensure a significant reduction of the construction time and hence the more resources- and cost-effective realisation of your ideas.

Modern and expedient interior design, up to the standards of the professionals, has become accessible to all thanks to the affordable technology that you can apply yourself. .

Plasterboard, suspended ceiling and insulation materials can be stored and transported in small spaces, bought piece by piece, expanded and altered any time. Their use is more healthy, more mobile and suitable for constructing lower-energy buildings.

Despite the predominance, to this day, of the traditional structures in Hungary due to the relevant trends and building habits, dry construction techniques and materials are an excellent alternative to all concerned, in particular for reconstruction and interior renovations and to construct halls and office buildings.

Our suppliers include the best domestic and international manufacturer companies that support the environment- and health-friendly alternatives in the product development phase.

Our trading company has the biggest and most extensive range of dry construction and insulation technology products. There are some 3000 product types in stock, and special custom needs can also be met at very short deadlines in our stores located at 11 places in the country.

Orders can be placed round the clock at our web stores. Our consultant colleagues will get in touch with you within one business day and help you choose the products that fit your needs best.

Customers are welcome at 11 points in the country, with hundreds of innovative products in stock.

Orders can be placed round the clock at our web stores.


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• Building energy optimisation
• More comfortable and healthier living environment
• Longer useful life of buildings



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• 21st century design in your home or office
• Functional space design
• Exceptionally short construction time



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• Outstanding acoustic effects
• Expandable, compatible
• 60 kinds of sheets in store


Together with the best

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